My Arkansas, Then And Now

My Arkansas, Then And Now

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fayetteville Farmer’s Market 2011

One of my favorite places to visit is the Fayetteville Farmer’s Market on the Fayetteville Square with its great food, fruits, vegetables, flowers, art and entertainment but my visits there were rare this year due to medical issues and the weather. After a very wet, cold winter that seemed to last through May with unusually cool temperatures and too much rain and flooding lasting for six weeks, Northwest Arkansas didn’t see any traditional springtime weather as we moved right into summer with the rains all but disappearing, driven away by weeks of very extreme heat with temperatures into the 100s and dangerously dry conditions. Arkansas farmers—including those who normally have such wonderful fare at the Farmer’s Market— took a huge economic hit as the extremes of weather were a disaster to the crops. The highest temperature registered on my thermometer was 117 degrees in August. Now, here it is September and the much welcomed cooler temperatures and light, pleasant rains have made their way back in. As the fall season approaches, I’m looking forward to visiting the Market again before it closes for the winter on November 19th, 2011.


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