My Arkansas, Then And Now

My Arkansas, Then And Now

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

On This Day In Family History

…My father and uncle joined the American military

One day following December 7th, 1941 —now infamously known as Pearl Harbor Day—my father Artie ‘Jack’ Cotner and his younger brother Bill (pictured above) did what so many Americans did, they enlisted in the U. S. military to fight in World War II against the Axis powers of Germany, Japan and Italy. Their other brother, my uncle Mitchell, was not eligible for military service because of his employment on the railroad—a necessary element of the war effort. My uncle Bill was a Navy man and found himself stationed in the Aleutians and my father--Army Air Corps--went off to eventually serve two years in the Pacific Theater stationed in Australia, fighting in the Coral Sea Battle and others before spending two more years in Europe, stationed in Great Britain as part of the enormous and deadly D-Day Invasion.

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  1. I don't remember that picture of Bill, but everytime, without fail, when I see or hear those three brothers' names together, I always think of that fish-hogging story and the snake being thrown around Bill's neck. I'd loved to have seen that!